Monday, December 31, 2012

Laurie-Ann Fritz ; VELINKHA.

EN: Hi lovelies! For ending this year, I'm going to show you a brand I just discovered. It's not famous at all yet, but I'm sure it will grow up, so you should remember the name of this girl. It is Laurie-Anne Fritz who created it : VELINKHA. This is a french brand ; the clothes are sold in France (Paris, Bordeaux) and in Ireland.  Colors and forms are a particular but lovely style, that I like really much. 

FR Coucou les filles! Pour finir cette année, je vais vous montrer une marque que je viens de découvrir. Elle n'est pas encore célèbre, mais je suis sure que ça va grandir, donc rappelez vous du nom de cette fille. C'est Laurie-Ann Fritz, qui a crée : VELINKHA. C'est une marque française ; les vêtements sont donc vendus en France (Paris, Bordeaux), et en Irelande. Les couleurs et les formes sont particulières mais très jolies. J'aime vraiment beaucoup. 

Here's a quick look in the winter collection (at least my favourite pieces) :

So do you like it? Please tell me
Here is her site, so give a look!

I WISH YOU A REALLY REALLY REALLY HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you'll spend a good year, with a lot of happiness, love and new clothes hihi :) 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Emma Watson

Hi! How is everyone? I'm so sorry, theses days I couldn't post anything. I've been sick for christmas. I don't have a lot of originality theses days, so I'm going to do a post about Emma Watson. This girl is one of my biggest inspiration. She's the most beautiful, she's a really good actress, and I like her simple but lovely sense of fashion. I've been a fan of her since I was 11 years old. I've grown up "with her", and harry potter. By the way, I'm a proud potterhead. :) So... yeah, she's really my biggest inspiration. 

all the pictures I took are from tumblr.  

I know it's not a big post, I'm so sorry about it, I will do better next time :)
I hope you're having good holidays, next time we will take about christmas! 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Three winter looks.

Hi ! So... are you guys alright? You didn't die? Me too! I'm okay, the earth didn't exploded. So maybe we can feel happy? The world is still there, we are still breathing... So I decided to make a positive post. Christmas is almost there (IN 3 DAYS I CANT COUNTAIN MYSELF OMG), and 2013 will be there soon... So maybe it's time to smile and wear some clothes which makes you feel happy, warm and which are confortable? Let's try to imitate celebs! 

Mirranda Kerr is one of my favourite celebrity.. ever. She's stunning and I just love her sense of style. Here, it's a winter look, not her better, I know. But really easy to imitate ; a perfecto, a jean, boots, sun-glasses, a big bag and a colourful scarf, it's totally simple and confortable! 

I really like Taylor for, first of all, her music, and her retro style. She's always got amazing clothes, and she always looks so cute! Maybe this look isn't really for winter, but you can associate it with something warmer. I'm a big fan of marinières. It's simple, I think I have like 10 of theses, in different colours! You wear it with jeans or leggings, and it will be lovely and cosy.

I think Lizzie Olsen really needs to know that real life is not a photoshoot! I don't know how she does, but she's always stunning, in every candids. I'm a big fan of the Olsen sisters (I confess, I like maybe a little bit more the twins..), but I have to admit that everything that Lizzie wears is perfect. This look is maybe a little old, I don't remember when exactly she wore this. But I just love it. The hat, the scarf, the bag... everything. And like the previous looks, it is really easy to imitate. 

Which look do you prefer? Did you like this post? :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Amanda Seyfried

Hi! How are you doing? Today, a post about the magic Amanda Seyfried.  This girl is one of my favourite actress. I find her lovely, so funny (like .. she's hilarious ok), she's really a beautiful woman, she sings like an angel,  and her fashion sense is amazing. I really love how she dresses, and I'm sure you're going to love too, if you don't know her (?). But you've probably seen her in Mean Girls as Karen, Mammamia as Sophie or in the movie that will be out really soon, Les Misérables. 

Have you already seen her in movies? Do you like her sense of style? x

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Marion Cotillard, Lady Dior.

EN I wanted to make a post about the french actress Marion Cotillard, because I really admire this woman. She sometimes makes me proud to be french. When some artists must be ashamed of themself, she is just the elegant frenchie. I know that a lot of people doesn't really like her, but I'm not one of them. I didn't discover her in "La Môme", but in "Comme des Enfants", where she plays with her actual husband, Guillaume Canet. 

I wanted to talk about the "Lady Dior" part of her career. Marion was choosen in 2009 at the face Dior's "Lady Dior". I've always found this campaign amazing. She's always beautiful. In the last one, she's having fun, and that's what I like about her : she doesnt take herself too seriously. 

FR Je voulais faire un article sur l'actrice française Marion Cottilard, car j'adore réellement cette femme. Elle me rend parfois fière d'être française. Quand des artistes devraient avoir honte d'eux, elle incarne, elle, l'egelegance à la française. Je sais que beaucoup de monde ne l'apprécie pas trop, mais je ne suis pas de ceux là. Je ne l'ai pas découvert dans "La môme" comme beaucoup, mais dans "Comme des Enfants", où elle joue avec son actuel mari, Guillaume Canet.

Je voulais parler de la partie "Lady Dior" de sa carrière. Marion a été choisir en 2009 pour représenter "Lady Dior". J'ai toujours trouvé cette campagne sublime. Elle est toujours superbe. Dans la dernière, elle s'amuse, et c'est ce que j'aime chez elle : elle ne se prend pas trop au sérieux. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

but we all wanted to grow up.

Jacket ; pink boom paris / skirt ; expresso (bought in berlin in a random shop) / t-shirt ; h&m basic / shoes ; lily shoes/

Hello there! yeah it's me. I'm sorry for my face, it's awful. But it's my outfit of the day, so what do you think? I wanted to be shooted outside, but unfortunately it's way too cold and the weather isn't really nice today. This outfit is not really for winter, I confess. But I wanted flowers. Because I love flowers, and sometimes I miss them when it's this cold. In France, it's not snowing yet ; I can't wait! Do you have snow? 

Please tell me if you like my outfit :) and guess whaat, we're supposed to die in five days now! who wants to be friend with me before it's too late? haha just kidding. have a nice week end x

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Saturday, December 15, 2012


Hi girls! How are you? Having a nice week-end ? I hope so! I'm writing today about the little thing I got via airmail. LOOK AT THE PIC! ISNT IT TOO CUTE? Oh my god I'm so happy I bought this. It's an arkapasso, I bought it on ebay. It's so lovely, I can't. It wasn't that expansive, and just the idea that this little thing comes from China, it makes me happy. The enveloppe has stamb from there! Okay it's maybe totally normal, but for me it's just too cool. I must be crazy haha. Just for you, I took a few others photos. 

It exist in every size, every colour, for everyone! I bought a little one because it was too expansive for me, after. But really, you just have to type arkapasso on ebay, and it will be heaven! I bought this one if you're intrested. How de you find it? Lovely, isn't it? 

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Chanel in Scotland


EN: Karl Lagerfel showed the Chanel Collection 2013 Paris-Edimbourg.
FR : Karl Lagerfeld a présenté la collection Chanel 2013 Paris-Édimbourg

What do you think of this scottish inspiration?
PS : sorry for this post without almost any text, I'm sick today, tomorrow will be better!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Ideas!

Bracelet SATINE - 42 €/ Iphone Case - $9.99 / Hello Kitty Glasses - $3.99 / Gloves ASOS - 13,89 € / Bag ASOS - 38,89 € / Dumbo Jumper ASOS - 41,17 €

EN:  Hi girls! I don't know if you realize, but Chritmas is in 11 days ! I'm soooo excited, are you? So I decided to make a list of things that I'd love to receive. Maybe it'll give you ideas for you! First of all, I choosed this bracelet. I find it expansive, but just amazing. Then, the hello kitty glasses. I find them so cute, I'm in love with everything about hello kitty, if you didn't know it yet! The iPhone Case, because I really need one, and I love rikkakumas things, this little bear so cute. I found thoses gloves soooo pretty and I just adore the colours. They must be so warm, and theses days, everybody knows that it's really cold outside. I fall in love with the jumper, maybe because I'm still a little kid inside my head. The story of Dumbo made me a little sad when I watched it. Finally, the bag. I just love it, even if I think it's maybe a little expansive. What do you think of theses items? 

FR: Bonjour les filles! Je ne sais pas si vous réalisez  mais Noël est dans onze jours! J'ai troooooooop hâte, pas vous? Donc j'ai decidé de faire une liste des choses que j'adorerai recevoir. Peut être que ça vous donnera des idées! Premièrement, j'ai choisi ce bracelet. Je el trouve cher, mais juste génial. Ensuite, ces lunettes hello kitty. Je les trouve troop mignonnes, je suis amoureuse de n'importe quelle chose sur hello kitty, si vous ne le saviez pas encore! La coque d'iPhone, parce que j'en ai vraiment besoin d'une, et j'adore les choses venant de rikkakumas, ces petits oursons trop choupis. J'ai trouvé les gants troooop beau, et juste.. j'adoore les couleurs. Ils doivent être super chauds, et ces jours ci, tout le monde sait qu'il fait très très froid dehors. Je suis tombée amoureuse de ce sweat-shirt, peut être parce que je suis toujours une gosse dans am tête. L'histoire de Dumbo m'a rendue un peu triste quand je l'avais regardé. Et finalement, le sac. Je l'adore, même si il est peut être un peu cher. Qu'est-ce-que vous pensez de ces affaires? 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Winter hats

EN Hi everybody! Today, I wanted to talk about hats that you wear on winter. Because I'm a big fan of them, you know. Which kind of hats do you wear? Maybe you don't wear them, I don't know. But I love them, it really keeps my head warm, and when it's snowing, it's just magical. So here's the two hats I'm wearing this year (sorry for the quality of the pics, but my camera doesn't work anymore so I took it with my phone)

FR Bonjour tout le monde! Aujourd'hui je voulais parler à propos des bonnets qu'on porte en hiver. Parce que je suis une grande fan d'eux. Quelle sorte de bonnets vous portez? Peut être que vous en portez pas, je sais pas. Mais je les adooore, ça garde vraiment la tête au chaud et quand il neige, c'est juste magique je trouve. Donc voilà les deux bonnets que je porte cette année (désolée pour la qualité des photos, mais mon appareil est mort donc je les ai prises avec mon portable)

I made a quick list of hats that I really like on the internet.
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 

Do you like them? let me know!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Georgia May Jagger

EN: Daughter of the singer Mick Jager and the ex model Jerry Hall, Georgia May Jagger is a young model that everybody talks about. With her blond hair, her lovely smile and her wild eyes, she pleases to everyone. She will be the égérie of the next roberto cavalli's fragrance, who will be out on february 2013. She's been picked for Vivianne Westwood's jewerllies. Myself, I really do appreciate this girl. She's insanely beautiful, and her style is unique. 

FR: Fille du chanteur Mick Jagger et de l'ex top-model Jerry Hall, Georgia May Jagger est une jeune mannequin dont tout le monde parle. Avec ses cheveux blonds, son joli sourire et son regard sauvage, elle plait à beaucoup de monde. Elle sera l'égérie du prochain parfum de Roberto Cavalli qui sortira en février 2013. Elle a été prise pour ête l'égérie de joillerie de Vivianne Westwood. Moi-même j'apprécie beaucoup cette fille. Elle est vraiment magnifique, et son style est unique. 

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Monday, December 10, 2012


FR: Fondée en 1947, la célèbre enseigne française n'a, depuis lors, cessé de croître.  Au tout début, Repetto n'était destinée qu'à créer des chaussons de danses, de jolies ballerines. C'est pourtant en 1956, qu'à la demande de Brigitte Bardot, la marque a commencé à créer des ballerines-chaussures. L'actrice est alors au plus haut de sa gloire, lorsqu'on lui dédie les ballerines "Cendrillon". Cette année en 2012, Repetto fête ses 65 ans d'existence. Leur travail est toujours d'excellente qualité, et les danseuses professionnelles comme celles qui rêvent de l'être continuent de se fournir dans cette boutique devenue un mythe. 

EN : Founded in 1947, the famous french brand didnt, since then, stop growing. At the very beginning, Repetto was only indeed to create shoes of dance, lovely ballet pumps. But it's in 1956 that (at the request of Brigitte Bardot) the mark began to create real shoes. The actress was in the highest glory when Repetto dedicated her the ballerinas "Cinderella". This year in 2012, Repetto celebrates its 65 years of existence. Their work is still a perfect quality, and the profesionnals dancers or those who dream about continue to buy themselves ballerinas in this shop who became a myth. 

Celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon or Rachel Bilson wear Repetto.

Do you like Repetto? Do you wear ballerinas? Do you like dancing? Tell me everything :) 

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