Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Get the Olsen look!

The Olsen Twins are definitly girls that I love much more than I should. They have a perfect sense of style, you can't deny it. At least, I'd wear their clothes everyday... if it wasn't that expansive! Because the sisters are always wearing things that arent affordable for everybody. So I tried with this post to do an alternative. 

THE SHIRT - 18.88 €
THE JEAN - 17,53 €
THE SHOES - £24.99
THE BAG - 20,21 €

I know this is not the exact items, but I tried to find equivalent. 
I'll probably make more post like this one if you like it. :)
I hope you're doing well! 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

New In.

Hi! Remember me? I'm so sorry, I havent been there for a while. It's been really crazy lately, but now I'm back for good. I wanted to show you some of the new things I got. I wont show you everything because I want to keep some things for later, in case I dont have an idea of posts. :) So enjoy, and tell me what you think! 

I had three new, I'm so in love with them :) especially the second one.

this jumper is from h&m. since the lady and the tramp is my favorite disney EVER, I had to buy it when I saw it. 

Maybe it's a little cliché, but the Olsen Sisters are one of my role model. I've always loved them, when they were young I wanted to look like them and I wanted to have a twin! haha. And now, not gonna lie, their sense of style is perfect. And so is this book. 

I found it on the snow... Someone probably lost it. Now that it's totally clean, I can't stop wearing it :) Finally, I love winter! haha. 

My mom gave me this last day, because she didnt want it. It's Lolita Lempicka, and it's so cute! 
I don't know if you remember, but before christmas I made a list, where this lovely iphone case was. Finally, I bought it on ebay, and I'm so in love with it! 
I dont know if I have already tell you guys, but cooking is one of my favorite thing to do, after shopping. So when I saw this book, uh, I just couldnt resist :) Maybe I'll post some things that are on this book later if you're intrested in cooking :) It's not really a food blog, but why not ? 

So that's all for today ! Tell me what you think :) I hope you guys are doing well! 
Lot of love xx

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lancôme in Love Spring Campaign

What do you think of Lancome’s new Spring make-up campaign with Emma Watson? I love this turquoise eye-liner. The rest is really colourful, and I totally love it. What's your opinion? (Copyright goes to lancôme)