Monday, May 20, 2013

My favourites : Cannes Festival 2013 (2)

Freida Pinto in her wonderful dress by Sanchita Ajjampur, and her shoes by Jimmie Choo.

Kirsten Dunst in Michael Van der Ham

Jessica Biel in Marchesa.

Gala Gonzales 

Carey Mulligan in ChloƩ

Fan Bingbing in Elie Saab

My dear Jen Lawrence in Dior, as usual. 

Marion Cotillard in Antonio Beradi

Cheryl Cole in  Zuhair Murad

Rooney Mara in Dior

Thursday, May 16, 2013

First days of the festival of Cannes : my favourite.

Lana del Rey.

Nicole was in Dior Couture. 

Cara was in Burberry. 
Audrey Tautou was fabulous in her dress by Yiquin Yin.

Carey Mulligan was absolutly fantastic.

As usual my dear Emma Watson was absolutly perfect. She's wearing Chanel.

Marine Vatch.

Which one is your favourite?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My favourites from Met Gala 2013

The best...

Emma Watson - 8/10
As usual the little witch was amazingly wonderful. 

Jennifer Lawrence - 9/10 
Jenn was totally stunning in this dress. The shoes are perfect. Her makeup was flawless. With her, it's nothing or everything, and we have the proof right here.

Blake Lively - 9/10
I love how wonderful the blondinette looks here. She was perfect. 

Mary Kate Olsen - 7/10
I was so happy to see her in an event! I'm crazy about her hair, but the look is okay. Not wonderful, but good.

Carey Mulligan - 9.5/10
Carey, lovely Carey. She looks cute et adorable in everything she wears. This dress was perfect for her. She looked flawless. 

Taylor Swift - 8/10
Taylor was so beautiful in this black dress. She's breaking everything at every event she's going to. 

Cara Delevingne - 9/10
I don't know if she will be able to look bad one day. I have never seen a human who looks this perfect, in every way. You go, Cara. 

Cameron Diaz - 8/10
I love this colour so much. I'm a huge lover of Cameron, and I found her perfect here. Unfortunately, I found that her hair gives her an older look. 

Elle Fanning - 8/10
Elle always amazes me, because she's way younger than me, and she's always perfect in every way. But this dress confuses me. I don't know why. She looked amazing anyway. 

Miranda Kerr - 10/10 
Every single time she goes out, when it's an event or even a walk with her kid, she looks absolutly flawless. She was so wonderful in this dress and this makeup, I just forgot to breath when I saw her.

Rita Ora 9.5/10
She reminds me of a Marilyn Monroe look with her makeup and her hair. She looked flawless with this lovely dress. As usual, I want to say.

Ashley Olsen - 6/10
I was really happy too see the twins, but I was pretty confused about this look. She was looking beautiful, but... i don't know. 

And the worst..
Nina Dobrev - 3/10
Nina. I truly love your style. But why ?

Miley Cyrus - 4/10
I've always had a crush on her looks. But there, I just want to ask why did you do that Miley? I really dont like her dress at all. And I'm not talking about her hair. Where is the Miley I loved? 

Gwyneth Paltrow - 5/10
Gwyneth usually looks amazing in everything, but there, she was just normal, almost boring. 

Madonna - 0/10
Just go away please.

Which one was your favourite?
And which one was the worst?
Tell me!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

#5 Get the look

I've never really been a fan of anybody (well I find a lot of people really intresting and inspiring, but I don't like fangirling or nothing like this). The only person I've always loved (and when I say loved, it's a real love I guess, haha), it's the lovely Emma. Since the first Harry Potter came out (and I was only five), I started being a fan. She's always been a huge inspiration for me. It's simple : I wanted to be her, as soon as I started to know her! Even though we're here because we want to talk about fashion, she's perfect in ever way, and not only in her clothes taste, you can believe me. This look is an old one, but it is, by far, my favourite. It comes right from 2010! It's a summer/spring look, that we can finally try, now that the sun is back. 

SHIRT - 19.99 €
SHORTS - £19.99 
BELT - £ 3.99
SHOES - 61.71 €

Happy Sunday to everybody!
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Some news!

Wow hi! I just looked at my blog and I haven't posted anything for almost two month.. I feel a little ashamed, because I don't have any reasons for my absence (woops!). I had a lot to do (school first of all) and I needed some space for myself. Today, I'm sixteen... yes, my birthday was 24th march! I'm not saying I grew up in this amount of time (it would be kind of weird), and I'm still the same. But I really want to take more photos of what is new in my closet, what I am wearing, etc. I will try to post as soon as possible everything that inspires me or that I love. Now that I'm forgiven (???), here's some new items I got these past days. 

The t-shirts are from Pull&Bear. (buy them here and here)
The shorts are from Blanco. 
The shirt is from ebay. (buy it here)

I can't live without both of them, even though I prefer the mango body butter. I'm sure heaven smells like this butter! 

Buy the Raspberry Kiss here.
Buy the Mango Body Butter here.

Here's the boots my bestfriend bought me for my birthday. They are so comfortable and lovely and they are perfect with skinny jeans, skirts, dresses... everything! When I don't know which shoes to wear, I just go for them because they are perfect. (they are from New Look)

Buy them here.

Look at this lovely cup! Only the Harry Potter lovers will understand the text, I guess. But It's just a pleasure to drink a tea in this cup. And here's the new nailpolishes that I had or bought these past days. They are so lovely, I'm in love with the red Essie!

And for the end, look, Ive got new glasses! Aren't they lovely?