Saturday, August 31, 2013

Which bag ?

I don't want to ask you to stop swimming in this lovely ocean or to get tan on this amazing beach, I just want to remind you that september is tomorrow. Yes, you read this sentence right : tomorrow. Say good bye to your bikini and your beach bag because in a few days, we'll be all back to work! Personally, it doesn't really bother me. I like fall. I like the colours, the cold, the scarves and the beanies. But what is a "back to school/work" happiness without a new bag? Nothing! For this year, I really want something classic, which will fits with everything. So what is more classic and chic than black? Nothing again. We'll then go for a black bag. But which one should we pick? I made a little selection of some bags I'd love to buy, without even being able to pick one. Tell me which one is your favourite! 

What is your bag for fall? Are you keeping your old one, or buying a new one ?


  1. I swear I've been looking for exactly the same sort of bag but am too broke for anything new! I vote the Zara one - the H&M one looks nice too, but the Zara one will be infinitely better quality, it's worth the extra 15 euro.

  2. I bought one black in Zara,like that shows.Kisses

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  4. Hey,

    my favorite is the H&M bag :)

    ps.: I made a post about the VIVI Clothes Accessories Goodie Bag :))

  5. The Zara one is so lovely <3

  6. Love them! The warehouse one is my fave one :D

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  8. Topshop's is my favorite! But I think I'll keep my last year bags I have enough to survive the season :D


  9. Cute bags - the Zara one is actually my favorite! And I totally agree with you about Fall - it's my favorite season!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comment. I'm following you on Bloglovin now and I hope you'll do the same so we can stay connected! I look forward to reading your posts :]

    xo Deborah
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  10. J'adore celui de Zara et H&M! La forme est assez classe ;)

    Bisous! <3

  11. Genial selección!!

  12. I really like the H&M or the Zara one! They're all perfect for fall :)

  13. This bag from H&M looks totally great, but you have chosen in the sum wonderful bags! And I hope I don´t buy a new bag for this fall, because I just bought my new treasure from Celiné :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  14. H&M forever!!

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  15. Love all those bags!
    The H&M one is such a steal :)

  16. the H&M one! love it all tho :P

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  17. I like the H&M one and i think that of warehouse is also good!!
    If you have a good old bag that you love very much. You can use the old one. But if you don't like your older bage, you may buy a new one!!

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  18. Love the zara and H&M. Maybe you can buy both of them!!

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  19. Love them all! I would chose H&M one! Looks amazing and the price is great!

    Your blog is amazing! Followed and looking forward for your next posts &outfits!

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