Sunday, August 11, 2013

HAUL Post. (clothes/decoration/etc)

Hi ! How are you? Today I'm back with a little HAUL post because... I've been spending my whole week decorating my room. I wont show it to you (unless you want me to, just tell me), but I'll show you a few things that I bought this week. There isn't a lot of clothes because I plan to show them to you on OOTD posts that I'll do the next weeks. Because guess what? I'm finally having my holidays! I'm going to the south west of France, so I'll take pictures of my outfits in cities that you probably don't know. So sorry for the parisian lovers, but my next ootd wont be taken in Paris. But dont worry, in september, those pictures of this pefect town will be back. But right now, I haven't left my house, and I'm doing the last post before going in the car. So, sorry if I hurry up a little. 

This lovely top was only $5 on ebay so I didnt even hesitate.

I'm not turning vegetarian yet, but I plan to, maybe, one day. So I bought this book, because I love having a lot of recipes books... I guess I'm addicted to healthy food, it's not a bad addiction hopefully.

Ikea has been my new home for a week (I think I went there like 5 times) and I couldnt leave ikea without a candle, every single time I went there.. So now theres candles everywhere in my house, and I just kept those two ones for my room. They are so cute and they smell like flowers! 

This little cup is so so so perfect for makeup. I have like three on my table. This is cute, girly, but it stays simple and discreet. I love it so much. (and I think it was supposed to be for plants, but anyway)

I love notebooks so much, because I love writing stories, recipes, words that I find funny, ideas of clothes, of posts, or simply what comes through my mind. Those were too cute to be left alone in the store.

I think I have a huge problem with Bensimon, because I have like 5 pair of them. That's my 5th pair of Bensimon, that's right. But they were yellow, and I love yellow.. That's not even a good argument.


  1. Dear Mathilde and again you bought great pieces - the yellow sneakers are sooo cute <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Lovely picks ... Swooning over the candles :)
    Keep in touch

  3. cant believe the top was £5, its beautiful.


  4. Ohh, are you going vegetarian? Love the book cover design!

  5. Of course we want to see your room!!! I love that white shirt, the collar is so pretty.

  6. all those stuff are amazing!!

  7. Hey,
    great items, the blouse looks sweet! :)

  8. I love that blouse!! very magpie :) what a fab find!! Thank you for your sweet comment on my double ditsy post from a few weeks back - so sweet as always :) xx

  9. Love ur new blouse and notebooks!
    Would love to follow each other :) Im following u on bloglovin!