Sunday, August 4, 2013

What's meant for you won't pass you by.

Hello there! Oh my god I think I will never be that sorry, but yeah, I really didn't have the time and the motivation to make a OOTD post theses days. Those pictures are from... last week. I have make like 100 pictures of every day that I went to Paris but I just didn't want to post them "now". You know the word procrastination? it's me. Well now I'm really sure that I beated it for good. So here we are, looking at pictures who are from last week. I'm a little ashamed, I confess.

I love this wall so much, and that's why I choosed it for the pictures. I won't say my outfit is amazing because I didn't have a lot of inspiration this day. But I really like this tee shirt. And this week was just too warm for us, poor humans. So I tried to stay at home the whole time. But no! The enemy of laziness (it has other names like father and mother) took me to Paris almost everyday... And I don't regret it. How are you? How your holidays are going? Tell me everything.

TSHIRT - Pull & Bear
SHORTS - Levis (vintage)
SHOES - Nike blazer.

I mean come on, look at this wall. A cat lover, like me.

By the way, the giveaway ended today, and the winner will be contacted tomorrow.


  1. You look beautiful! This outfit is so perfect for summer!

  2. Fortunately you posted the pictures at least this week, dear Mathilde, because you look really pretty and cool on them <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. Bonitas fotografías!!

  4. Such cute graffiti! I love cats too!

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  5. I love the photos with the contrast against the graffitti background. You're so cute!!


  6. cute pictures and the wall is amazing!!!