Saturday, August 24, 2013

Back to school Wishlist!

Hello-hello! I've been enjoying my summer for a while now, and soon there will be school again for me! Back to highschool... boo. I don't know how I should take it, honestly. I'm kind of happy because I get easily bored, but I know I'll regret those boring times when I'm in math class... Whatever. I decided to make a "back to school" wishlist (who isn't that small, but I had to make a little list, not the whole list you know). I hope you're enjoying your last days of holidays (if you are still in holidays, then, courage, you can do it, i'm with you!) So let's get started.

1) ASOS holographic bag. Holographics things + this kind of bag = heaven for me. I've been looking for a bag of this style for a long time now, and when I saw this one which was holographic, I almost died. I don't know if you remember, but I have made a post about this holographic trend, so you do know I'm crazy about this trend. 

2) Amazon Flower crown. I really like flowers crowns. I find them so pretty, and it brings to a casual look so much cuteness ! This one has the perfect colour, I'm already seeing it on my head.

3) Baby Lips Peach Kiss. I don't know if in your country, the baby lips are available, but in France, it's coming this fall! And I can't tell you how excited I am! I've been waiting forever for those to come here. Buying them on ebay was starting to be a little boring... And I'll be able to buy them soon! Yay!

4) Amazon black boots. Aren't they the cutest? Absolutly the kind of shoes I'd wear on this season. They'd fit with every outfit, and they seem so comfy.

5) CÉLINE t-shirt. We are seeing it everywhere, sometimes, the text is changed, but it's so classic and chic, I just need this tshirt in my life.  

What's in your wishlist right now? Tell me everything!


  1. Great wishlist! I love the bag so much...I want one! And I have that colour of Baby Lips and it's really pretty!

  2. Genial selección!!

  3. I'm doing my Autumn/Winter wishlist too <3.

    Lys, from Shirayuki's Beauty.

  4. Everything is so pretty! What a great wishlist. Love that top!

  5. Pretty choices!

  6. oooh I want the bag too <3

  7. Great choice
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