Thursday, July 11, 2013

You keep me under your spell ♪

Hello lovelies! Some of you have been asking for a "real" picture of outfit of the day. Since nobody wants to take picture of me, I had to do it myself. That's why I'm taking myself with weird faces on the mirror. I just can't help myself, I had to do some silly faces, excuse me, hihi. I really like this outfit. As you probably know, I'm a huge fan of marinières, I have like 10 or 15 in my closet. So I wear them basically all the time. And this one, that I bought in Monoprix a long time ago (it was the first thing that I bought ALONE, I was like 12 and it was way too big for me. Hopefully now it fits perfectly on me!) was perfect for my new skirt that I showed you in my HAUL sales (clothes) post! :) I'm wearing a little headband with flowers from H&M as well. I made my makeup, even though I'm not really good at this. So I kept it simple. I hope you like this outfit, and I hope the quality of the pictures is good. I'm not a good photographer (yet) but I'll be better next time,  don't worry!


Tomorrow, I'll probably go to Paris with my dad. I'm so excited! Because he promised me that we would take a breakfast at Angelina. I don't know if you know this place? It's like... the best restaurant/tearoom EVER. It makes hot chocolat like anybody else. If you go to Paris one day, you totally have to go there. It's like heaven, but better. Maybe I'll take some pictures? I don't know yet. I have to sell some clothes that I don't want anymore, so it will be a busy day. But I'll post something for sure!


  1. lovely blog..)
    i like you blog!

    follow me?
    and i follow you back..)

  2. Hey,
    super sweet pictures! :)

  3. Lovely outfit!!! Fancy following via google+ and/or bloglovin??

  4. I ask you urgently, dear Mathilde, for more such funny and cool photos! It doesn´t matter that you take the photos by yourself, you look very special and nice on each! And I like your summer outfit with the striped top very much <3

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

  5. Oh lovely Mathilde!! We want a head to toe picture with that cool camera you are holding.hope you manage to go to Paris and shoot some snapshots of all the yumminess!
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