Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday to the blog! ♥

Can you believe it? Today exactly, a year ago, I was creating this blog. I've been through a lot of breaks, a lot of up and down, and the blog is still here, because you're reading this post. It's crazy how time flies. It seems like it was two weeks ago, and it's been already one year. The fashion blogger community helped me a lot finding who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. Every time I go to the computer, I just want to read some blogs and get inspired. Not only me, changed, but my style, my life. I'm only a kid and I still have a lot to discover, but I just wanted to thank you all for helping me having an amazing aventure : and it's only starting. :)


  1. Happy birthday to your blog then :) I hope I'll see even more posts from you in the future, cause I love it :)

  2. Happy B-day then ! Congratulations ;)

  3. Congrats on 1 year, you can do it!

    xoxo Akinyi