Thursday, December 12, 2013

(CLOSED) CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY! Win an adorable bracelet! (worldwide)

Hello there! :) It's been a while since I did my last giveaway.. Do you even remember? Because it's been four months ! We were still in summer, sigh, I miss it. I really wanted to make a new giveaway, special christmas. But I didn't know what to make you win. I mean, I had choices! Clothes, make-up, accessories... I finally picked up this adorable bracelet, because you can wear it with whatever you want, and it can fit a lot of differents styles. I personnally find it more than cute, and I'm a little jealous of you :) So, do you want to win it? You sure do. :) You just have to read what's following next and be a little lucky. 

You MUST comment and leave your e-mail addres or I wont be able to know if you joined the giveaway. You must do two of the followings. The more you'll do, the more you'll have chances to win! And don't forget to tell me which ones you did. (with your usernames, etc) 

Tweet about the giveaway for 2 entries

It will be over on the 24th december, a day before Christmas. You have 12 days to try to win! :)
If you have ANY questions, ask them in the comments below, or email me.
Good luck to everybody ♥


  1. J'avais rédigé un commentaire tout bien avec les explications et tout, tout en Anglais, et il s'est effacé quand j'ai voulu envoyé. C'est pas ma journée.
    Breeef, je recommence, mais en Français parce que j'ai pas la foi. Donc, primo ton bracelet est trop mignon aww. Après, j'ai: aimé la page sur Facebook, suivi ton YouTube, aimé la page sur les jumelles, suivi ton Twitter et tweeté ( ce qui fait si je ne me trompe pas 52 entrées, mais je pense que tu peux recompter vu comme les maths m'aiment.
    Pour les pseudos c'est soit Nadège Driss, soit songfortay huhu. Et mon adresse toute minable:
    Merciiii Mathilde ! Des bisous ma belle. :)

  2. Fun giveaway! . Also, I tweeted! and follow you on bloglovin!

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    Thank you for the beautiful opportunity <3

  8. thanks for your comment :)
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    anecia & roses ♥ blog

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