Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas presents ideas ♪

Christmas time is one of my favourite time of the year. Until the 31st october, everything is creepy and about halloween, and on the 1st november, we can already think about decorating the house and the tree ! In exactly two weeks now, we'll finally celebrate the best day of the year. Maybe some of you don't celebrate christmas, then it's just another day for you, but here and in a lot of countries in the world, Christmas is something that we are all waiting for ! 

So it's time to think about which gifts you want, and which gifts you want to give. Because before getting presents, Christmas is all about sharing and spending time with the people you love the most - and the people you maybe don't have the opportunity to see the rest of the year ; my family lives really way from me, so it's the reason why I'm looking forward christmas this much ! 

To begin with the ideas of presents for your mother, your sister, your grandma, your aunt or your bestfriend.., I think what can be the more appreciated, even if everybody has different tastes in things, is beauty products. It's always nice to have a body butter that smells good, because I know that we all love to take care of ourselves, and that's why it's my number 1 to offer. You can also go for a nailpolish, or even some makeup : it depends on the tastes of the person. What can be also really nice is a box full of goodies, that you can find in any Sephora or The Body Shop. They do this kind of things for every christmas, and it's like little gifts, inside a big gifts.  Of course you can go for a book that you liked, or a subscription to a magazine : I know that it works very well, because the present is here mostly every months in your mailbox (for example, ELLE, Vogue, or a food magazine.. it depends on the taste, again). 

Then we have the ideas of presents for your father, your brother, your grandpa or your uncle ; I find boys more difficult to be satisfied because either they know exactly what they want and it's so hard to find, either they don't want anything and we have to fidn somehting that will please them. Here I'm being really basic : a plaid and a scarf comes at the right time of the year (from H&M btw). What can be highly appreciated too is a mug, because we never have enough. I'm not being really original with them because I basically never buy gifts for men for christmas. I hope this pac-man mug is good enough anyway. 

Of course it all depends on the budget you have. Here I'm proposing low prices ideas, because sometimes there's too many people and too many presents. But of course there's other alternatives : it depends also on the taste of the person, you can always go for an iTunes gift card, a dvd or the whole season of a tvshow, etc. 

I hope it'll be useful! ♥


  1. oh those stuff are lovely <3 i wish i got some of these too! :)

  2. hard to believe it's 2 weeks away

  3. Really nice wishlist !


  4. Thank you for all your ideas sweety

  5. ooh I love body shop body butters :) they smell so good!