Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Although black is the one and only in my heart, I must confess that white is starting to have more and more importance for me. I was looking at some outfits celebrities were wearing, and others that we can just see on the street, and I was amazed by the number of total-white looks I could see. It's simple and minimalist, just like I see fashion. I decided to show you some of my favourites, since all-white outfits are my new lovers.

Vivienne Westwood Fall 2013. Do I need to tell you how much the coat is making me want to cry? It's pure perfection! 

Maybe a little more casual, but I'm ready to accept almost everything from Miranda. I like this look, how it looks effortless, but chic. 

This dress was simply perfect, and fits Kirsten's simple but chic style. 

Solange Knowles know how to wear this outfit without looking like she's in her pajamas. She's so classic and chic here, I wonder what's her secret.

I think I had already mentioned this look on another post. But it's my fave look from her. Everything is perfect. You go Rita! 

We don't even ask anymore why Alexa Chung's style is such a perfection, every time we see her. This outfit is simply amazing, I don't even know how to say it anymore.

Even though i'm not a big fan of Taylor Swift as a person, I've always had a certain love for her everyday-outfits. It was vintage but cute, lovely and from the fifties. Like Jackie Kennedy's wardrobe was back ! When she wore this stunning dress, I was amazed but maybe not in the good way. It wasn't fitting her style at all. I was kind of disappointed, even though the dress is perfect! I was waiting for more. 

Which one is my favourite? I think mine is Rita Ora's. :)
Talk to you soon xoxo


  1. Moi j'aime bien le blanc mais comme dirait maman " c'est trop salissant " & vu que je me fais une tâche par jour en mangeant c'est pas la meilleure fashion combine pour moi ;) Sur les autres c'est bôw par contre !

    Hésite pas à t'abonner à ma page hellocoton ;)

    1. héhé t'as raison, c'est pour ça que faut en mettre avec modération, une tache de ketchup est si vite arrivée... :) je me suis abonnée :D x

  2. I find white to be a very sophisticated color and hence I love it!! thoughI find it difficult to maintain white!!

  3. I love winter white - it's so chic and unexpected! I would have to say I love Alexa Chung's look the best.

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  4. Loving your blog! Follow me on GFC and Boglovin'! <3

  5. le blanc est vraiment trop classe, trop stylé !!!
    Voudrait tu qu'on se suive sur bloglovin ou GFC???

  6. i love Rita's all white look here but for me black will always triumph over white any day! x

  7. i loe total white and the mango outfit is amazing for me!!!! keep in touch honey
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  8. I´m really in love with the all white looks, dear Mathilde, unfortunately such looks are not really perfect for my daily life because I have to walk a lot and here in Bavaria it rains not only sometimes ... But if the weather is great and sunny, I like it, to take white clothes and wear them :) And my fav of your great inspiration is indeed Kirsten <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  9. I think the all white might be the new black but I love wearing all black but the all white is a very chic look ! I might have to try this look out - great post

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