Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Wishlist!

Hi there! How are you ? Here, it's finally sunny, so everything is alright. This weekend, I went to Strasbourg in the north of France, and I took a bunch of photos that I'll post later. Today, I'm going to show you guys my summer wishlist. Even though it's not my favourite season of the year, I love to see the sun being back, the flowers growing and the birds singing. Okay, sometimes, it can be really really annoying (yes, I'm talking about this bird which is singing at 4AM). But I'm excited anyway about this summer, even though I don't like going to the beach. (wow, here's another weird thing about me)

SUNGLASSES - ASOS (13,26 €) • I definitly need a new pair of sunglasses. I'm just crazy about them, but the problem is that ... I need real glasses to be able to see something. So I always have just one pair of sunglasses, and it's really sad because if I could I'd have hundreds of them. These are to die for, aren't they?

WHISPERED CROSS OVER WEDGES - TOPSHOP (55 €) • This kind of shoes for summer are just perfect. I have a pair of mellow-yellow which are perfect, but I always need one more. Why? Oh maybe because I'm a shoes lover, and nobody could say otherwise!

BLUE DENIM PINI DRESS - TOPSHOP (49 €) • I always need another dress. Okay, I have ton of these, but this one in denim... I just need it. It is to die for, like I exactly know with what I would wear it. Just give it to me already!

ESSIE NAILPOLISH (13,19 €) • They are definitly my favourite nailpolish ever. When I tried my first one, a lovely red, I was just wondering "how did I survive without this mark before?" Okay maybe I'm maybe being a little... too much. But I really want to buy myself a pink Essie nailpolish for this summer. It'd be perfect.

So here's what I wish I had for this summer! I won't probably have it all, but why not for... the nailpolish at least? haha. No I need to keep money for other things, so I think I just have to say goodbye to all those items. No, I'm not crying.

a lovely summer song, perfect for the beginning of holidays!

So what do you think? What is your wishlist for this summer? 
And what are you listening to, this summer?
Take care! 


  1. Very nice finds, especially the sunglasses and the nailpolish.
    There are silor stripes, navy blue and red in my summer wishlist. I'm listening OneRepublic and Fall Out Boy's new album this summer.

    Have a lovely summer!
    xoxo, Iida

  2. i want essie nail polishes too!
    and those shoes :)
    Following you now

    hope you visit my blog & follow too if you like :)
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  3. Woowww! I love pink shoes, they're so lovely!
    Nice blog, I'm following!!!
    Byeee, kises