Sunday, May 5, 2013

#5 Get the look

I've never really been a fan of anybody (well I find a lot of people really intresting and inspiring, but I don't like fangirling or nothing like this). The only person I've always loved (and when I say loved, it's a real love I guess, haha), it's the lovely Emma. Since the first Harry Potter came out (and I was only five), I started being a fan. She's always been a huge inspiration for me. It's simple : I wanted to be her, as soon as I started to know her! Even though we're here because we want to talk about fashion, she's perfect in ever way, and not only in her clothes taste, you can believe me. This look is an old one, but it is, by far, my favourite. It comes right from 2010! It's a summer/spring look, that we can finally try, now that the sun is back. 

SHIRT - 19.99 €
SHORTS - £19.99 
BELT - £ 3.99
SHOES - 61.71 €

Happy Sunday to everybody!
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  1. Emma has a really nice casual Style. I like her too

  2. She is so beautiful and lovely. I realy like her style!

  3. She´s really cute and I loved it most when she have worn short hair :)

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

  4. I love Emma! She is so pretty and stylish :)
    Great post!


  5. I love the shirt, but i'm not sure I will be wearing those shorts any time soon ha ha

  6. I agree, she's really lovely and has beautiful style!

  7. I just stumbled over your blog! Its absolutely lovely and very inspiring! Would be really cool if we can follow each other. Please let me know xxx

  8. she looks fab here