Monday, March 11, 2013

OOTD + New In!

Hi there! Here's a quick look of what I'm wearing today. The weather is really bad, so I had to take pictures myself, in my room, it doesn't look really good. The t-shirt I'm wearing is my favorite ever, even if it's old. There's Marilyn Monroe on it, and it just looks so lovely.

T-shirt - Vintage
Parka - Vintage
Shorts - H&M
Belt - Vintage

Saturday, I spent (again) my day in Paris, specially in vintage stores, and in a lovely restaurant who makes the best milkshake ever. Do you know the Obama Milshake? It tastes like heaven. But it's just chocolate icecream, peanut butter, and vanilla, everything mixed. If you don't try this when you're in Paris, then you're missing something for sure! The restaurant is Breakfast in America, check out their website! When I finally drank my milshake, and ate a lovely californian wrap, I went finally to vintage stores. There's an endless number of them in Le Marais, in Paris. If you're going here, you really should get lost in the street, and just explore. It's amazing. I found lovely things, as usual, for nothing or almost. A lovely flower dress - which doesnt belong to any brand, the seller told me it was a dressmaker who made it, and finally didn't sell it, and this dress ended there. For 10€, I had to buy it. I also found a belt and a denim blouse - I was looking for one for ages! - So here's in pictures what I bought.

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  1. great dress!
    awesome selection )

    Angela Donava

  2. great outfit <3

  3. Love your tee and the cute floral dress <3


  4. Cool and stylish clothes. Thank you for your commment. I follow you and I would be happy if you decide to follow me back:-)

    New posts
    Neon and studs!

  5. A great casual outfit for a Monday.
    Have a nice week

  6. As I already mentioned: The parka is a really good purchase!


  7. Cute!

    xo Jennifer

  8. love this entire outfit! you look so so stunning! xO!

  9. awesomeeee x

  10. No the photos are good no worries! I seriously love the flowery dress and the military jacket..looking cute no matter the weather is.

    xoxo Akinyi

  11. Mathi, I've changed my URL from wonderforest to wonder-ous! Give it a look! And oh, you're taking part in the Big Blog Exchange, aren't you? I voted for you, dear! I'm taking part too!

  12. I love the dress! The Milkshake sounds yummy too. I wonder what other funnily named dishes they have.

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